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Welded Wire Mesh for Construction

In response to the changing and highly demanding construction climate in the world today, this company is continually developing welded wire mesh products that will cater to your future needs.

We have sophisticated systems which can upgrade your existing facility or be used with our existing product ranges to enhance construction demand.Mesh Picture

This company offers countless combinations of welded wire mesh products and serves hundreds of industries. Our goal is to provide our customers with the most cost efficient product for their application. This does not always mean offering the lowest cost material but offering the lowest cost solution to meet our customers’ needs.

Welded wire mesh is used in construction for reinforcing concrete and perlite. Welded wire mesh for construction provides greater stability and durability when used to insulation support in walls and around pipes. Heavier gauge welded wire mesh makes strong, effective and highly portable construction site barricades. It's economical because it's less wasteful than plastic netting - you can use welded wire mesh again and again.

Typical Uses of Welded Mesh in Construction

For Guarding and Protecting
Guarding and protecting are two important areas in the construction trades where welded mesh is invaluable. Safety guards on scaffolding, tree guards, window guards, and motorway bridge parapet guards are just a few examples. Protection of people and property is becoming more and more important in days of increasing vandalism.
Welded Reinforcement Mesh For Reinforcement
Reinforced mesh is welded by advanced heavy load welding machine, which gives the wires very strong welding points. Every point was carefully examined after welded, and all problems will be amended by the examination.


High time savings during construction
Important cost reduction in labor
Reduction of scrap
Offering higher structural strength
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 Some Suggested Uses for Welded Mesh in Construction


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