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Welded Wire Mesh for Poultry

Whether you need to protect caged animals or birds from predators or secure these animals to protect others, the strength and durability of the wire is the first considering. Cage manufacturers prefer the smooth surface welded wire mesh which eliminates snagging or cutting from sharp surfaces and makes the wire easy to clean.

The process of welded wire mesh for poultry is a PVC coating over a high quality galvanized welded wire mesh, making it extremely rust resistant even when subjected to water and other corrosive elements common in cage environments.


Dimensionally consistent, smooth, corrosion resistant Welded wire mesh is a key element in building quality aviaries. The mesh offers superior protection against predators ensuring safe haven for birds in flight and at rest. Aviaries are meant to allow us to enjoy pet birds in as natural an environment as possible, so it's important that welded wire mesh for poultry is unobtrusive to the human eye.
All of our dog cages are made of welded wire because it is easily cleaned, and is easier on the animal's feet. Since the welded joints of the wire are coated, it leaves no spaces for dirt, debris, and parasites to accumulate. It also won't catch the dog's hair and pull it out.The urine will not deteriorate the welded wire because it is galvanized wire
Rabbit Cages
This is important because there are many wire suppliers that have very inferior wire. Most of the places that sell extremely cheap rabbit cages use one of these brands of low quality wire. The spacing of the wire welds are consistent and often the welds are well penetrated. The resulting cage is not a bargain. It won't be very attractive and will not give near the life of a cage that is properly built out of good wire.
Chicken Coop Floor
Available in 14 gauge 1" x 1" for chicken flooring and 12 gauge 1" x 1" mesh for heavier birds. A roll of chicken coop floor wire four feet wide, 100 feet long, replaces 400 square feet of wooden flooring and is less expensive and easier to install. Properly supported at 18"-20" intervals, welded wire mesh for chicken coop floor will support a man's weight. Unlike wood and plastic, chicken coop floor does not rot or become brittle; chicken coop floor mesh provides years of trouble free service.

Aviaries, kennels, cages, chicken coop floor and animal enclosures made of welded wire are easy to build and are virtually maintenance free. With a variety of meshes from 1/4" x 1/4" to 4" x 4" mesh, and gauge from 23 to 12, there's cage mesh to meet your specific needs from rabbit hutches to zoological applications.

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