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Wire Mesh - Insect Screen: Product Details

Wire Mesh Insect Screen


Request a quote from the stock list. If an item is not in stock, use the quote form. The follow details explain the specifications required to request a quote.




Material Selection - Some materials are special order only.


· Aluminum (Bright Finish)

· Copper

· Aluminum (Charcoal Finish)

· Epoxy-Coated

· Brass

· Stainless Steel 304

· Bronze







Mesh is the number of openings per lineal inch. Mesh is always measured from the centers of the wires. Mesh is not the same as opening size—see opening size below.


Wire Mesh Insect Screen - Mesh




Opening Size


Opening Size is measured from the inside edge of one wire to the inside edge of the next wire. For rectangular openings, both an opening length and width is required to define opening size.

Differences between opening size and mesh
The difference between mesh and opening size is how they are measured. Mesh is measured from the centers of the wires, while opening size is the clear opening between the wires. A two mesh cloth and a cloth with 1/2 inch (1/2 inch) openings are similar. However, because mesh includes the wires in its measurement, two mesh cloth has smaller openings than a cloth with an opening size of a 1/2 inch.


Wire Mesh Insect Screen - Opening Size

Wire Mesh Insect Screen - Opening Size




Roll, Cut-to-Size


Rectangular Weave comes in rolls (approx. 100 feet) or it can be cut to your specifications. The most common roll sizes are 36 or 48 inches x 100 feet: You can select from a variety of roll and sheet sizes from the stock list.




Length and Width


Length is the measure of the longest side of the roll, sheet, or cut piece. Width is the measure of the shortest side of the roll, sheet, or cut piece. All cut pieces are subject to shear tolerances.


Wire Mesh Insect Screen - Length and Width






Quantity is the number of rolls, sheets or panels, or cut-to-size pieces requested. Unless otherwise specified, the tolerance on quantity is “Exact Quantity". In other words, We will deliver the exact quantity you specify.

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